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That’s Yer Problum, Raight Thar!



Anything seem wrong with this carburetor to you?

Much better:





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Compression Seems Okay

And the previous owner said he re-built the engine less than a year ago which seems a quality enough job. Sod it, I’ll just re-build the carburetor since it is running the original innards. From 1978.

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Well, I Did Want A Project

Need to hook up the speedometer, get a new bulb for the speedometer  finish adjusting brake cables,  secure the wiring for the brake light, seal air leaks around the carb, check my compression, get a new rear tire, find out why the horn doesn’t BZZZZZZT! clean the gas tank, replace the fuel line, get a new fuel filter, might as well replace the chewed-up air filter…

I might as well get a Series I Land Rover, duct-tape a wrench to my hand, and have my pay checks directly deposited at the auto parts store. 

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