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Opera Review – Orpheus in the Underworld:

Roman gods get bored, Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque escapade ensues. Orchestra in the pit was awesome.


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To the people in New Hampshire with Confederate flags on their vehicles, flag poles, hats, guitars, and tattooed on their bodies.

You do realize that some nice North Country boys spent a few years shooting at the people flying those flags, correct?

I’m not asking you to stop displaying them, it gives me a clear sign to stay the hell away, but I just thought I would let you know that you are idiots. In fact, the next time I walk by one of you, I will break into this:

That is all.

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Every Day Use

Some of us are gear hounds and carry the internet around with our music, some are pack rats ready for an apocalypse with our stuffed cargo pants, but we all have items we carry every day. The pocket dump is a popular meme these days and it is always neat to see what other people carry.  One thing tends to be overlooked, however: What do we use the most in our EDC?

In that spirit, post the three most used items that you carry every day.

  • My Victorinox Farmer gets the most use in my carry. It opens stubborn chip bags, trim errant threads on my clothes, idly whittles a block of wood when the day is slow, slices cheese, opens my bottle of nice local micro-brew, and saws marshmallow sticks.
  • After that, my Fisher Bullet Space Pen sees the most use. It leaves notes for my wife, reminders for me, makes the shopping list, and is the pen I use on the ambulance, as well because it wipes down squeaky clean.
  • The Streamlight ProTac EMS just replaced my aging Inova as my daily carry light. It may seem odd that a flashlight sees more use than my cellphone, but it is always coming in handy when the peanut butter is hiding in the dark recesses of the cabinets, or the basement lights can’t reach the corner I’m in, or the dog needs to go out in the evening.
There it is, the framework of my daily carry. If I am to be honest, I don’t need anything more in my day-to-day life.
I just added up the cost of these three items and they alone cost about eighty dollars. It’s a good thing they get used constantly or my bank account would kick me in the shin. And while I’m rambling, expect a new pocket dump soon since my carry has changed a bit since my last one.

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The New Gat Has Me Feeling Like A Private Eye

Here I am, four  in da morning and down to my last glass of bourbon. I’ll mix it up with some lemon and egg for a well-rounded breakfast, seasoned with sugar and bitters to save my stomach another straight dose of rot-gut. Today is the day, the landlady is about to evict and this case has cost me the last month of my life. I need to get paid, but I can’t stop until I find this bastard I have been looking for.

See, this character, Chuck, has been stealing money from the local kids, and then turning around and selling them junk. The police won’t touch the case in this neighborhood, it is up to me. The landlady doesn’t care, but the hag can wait for her money. Like a hound on the trail, I will not drop this case.

I finish my breakfast and head to Chuck’s joint; an underground casino down by the tracks. My 32 tags along in my pocket. Some call it a mouse gun, but it has served me well and sometimes, a mouse gun is all you need. Prepare to say, “cheese”, Chuck-E, you filthy rat-bastard…


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My nightstand seems to lack any style or coordination between pieces:

I should find a good way of keeping my glasses from sipping off the nightstand other than a box of paper-hulled black powder shotshells. On the other hand, it is kind of cool to be able to say that my glasses are held that way.

Sadly, the clock is in disuse as the tick-tock drives my wife up the wall. Now there has been a cuckoo clock in the dining room for a few months without incident, I may try giving my old nightstand clock another try.

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It is 0300, I am still at work, and I won’t be home for at least another five-and-a-half hours.

Since I am immediately going to hit the sack without taking time to write something, have a picture:

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Pinky Out

I drink a wee bit more tea than your average American, so I thought I would talk about my habit here.

I’ll start from the beginning and list my favorite teas:

  • Jasmine tea – I’ve been hooked since a substitute teacher gave me a bag to try. Huh, that sounds so very wrong…
  • Irish Breakfast – A little more full-bodied and harsh than English breakfast. The fermented flavor is also a bit more pronounced. Both a friend and myself use this as an everyday blend.
  • English Breakfast: A good, more mellow change of pace to Irish breakfast.
  • Lapsang Souchong: This tea is smoked over pinewood fires to dry after the ferment. If you like campfires as much as me, this is your tea. Strong, the aroma just from opening the tin will fill a room, and is quite like drinking a fire with tea.
  • Gunpowder Green: The leaves are rolled into tight balls resembling a very coarse gunpowder before drying. As they steep, they open up like a normal tea. Most loose leaf can easily crumble, gunpowder green was made to handle shipping better without grinding itself to powder.
  • PG Tips: Yeah, I know, a brand, and a cheap one to boot. It is a cross between whole-leaf and the powdered junk in bags. Many tea-snobs will gag at the very thought, but I quite like it.

Now on to the water:

  • Nothing special, just tap water from my fridge. The water dispenser on the fridge is filtered and we have hard water in this valley.


  • Kettle to boil. My kettle gave up the ghost, so I am using a sauce pan for now.
  • Pot to brew. When I first got into tea in high-school, my sister gave me a very nice enamel lined cast-iron tea-pot. It is one of my most used and prized possessions.
  • Smallish tea cups with saucers. I actually prefer my coffee from the same cups. Full-sized mugs are really only used for hot chocolate and guests’ coffee.
  • Swizzle sticks for mixing sugar and whatnot.
  • Creamer to hold enough milk for a pot. I like to let the milk warm a little and the creamer can sit and warm a bit while the water boils and pot brews.
  • A towel to insulate the brewing tea to prevent rapid cooling.


  1. Fill the pot with hot water and cover to warm. (Optional and anal retentive, but hey, my tea.)
  2. Put the water on the stove, and once it reaches a rolling boil, dump the water from the pot, measure in the proper amount of tea per serving plus a measure for the pot, pour the boiling water in to fill, replace the towel to insulate.
  3. Allow the tea to steep, the time will vary with type.
  4. Put a dab of milk into the cup now if you so wish. Milk is not as good if added to the cup after the tea. I usually split my consumption 50:50 just-a-dab-of-milk:black.
  5. Pour a cup gently, a few leaves are okay.
  6. Drink the tea, extended pinky optional.


  • I don’t like lemon or sugar anywhere near my hot tea. Iced-tea is a different beast entirely.
  • No bags, but again, iced-tea is a different story.
  • No filters, tea balls, sorcery. Tea has leaves, fact of life. To me, watching the leaves swirl about my cup are part of the experience.
  • Earl Grey sucks.

There you have it, a thoroughly boring look at a pot of tea.

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