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10 Reasons Life Is Good

I stole this idea from Jay G, whole stole it from this guy. So, here is my list:

  1. Kids: There is nothing like the sound of “Daaaady…Daaaaaaaaadyyy” first thing in the morning. Fatherhood is bliss defined. In my children, I see hope and everything that I wish I had been. To be a father is to know the pride, joy, and love that only a child can bring to a home.
  2. Family: Everyone needs help and support at some point. Family and friends are always there. In a world seething in strangers, a familiar face can be a beacon in the darkness.
  3. Dogs: Beautiful, strong, loyal, loving, and fierce. A good dog is the greatest companion on this earth. They never question, and always trust. A good dog is a living work of art, a vicious defender of family, and a study in true love. They make no demands and give everything in return.
  4. Whisky: Be it dark n’ peaty, a spicy rye, or a sweet and soothing bourbon, whisky is the water of life. Besides, coffee is not worth drinking without a slug of Jack Daniels.
  5. Tobacco: Smoke curls toward the incendiary evening sky, warm briar fills your palm, and your palate fills with spice, cream, earth, vanilla, and butter. It is impossible to properly wrap your mind around a challenge without a pipe craftfully packed with mind-freeing English tobacco. 
  6. Snow: Skis, snowshoes, sleds, skates, screaming tracked two-strokes, snowball fights, and delicate glistening churches of pine bowing under pure white snow.
  7. Knives: Life would be a cast-iron toothless bitch without knives. Just ask the Limeys.
  8. Books: Once you have solved the challenges of the day, you need to relax with a fine novel, another pipe, and a snifter of the stout stuff.
  9. Tea: Nectar of the gods. The delicate boil of water, the steam, swirling leaves staining the liquor as they dance in their scalding bath, aromas fill the room, and a trusted companion to share it with.
  10. Hot sauce: Maker of edible from inedible. Bringer of light-headed joy. Culinary seductress. Food isn’t worth eating until the heat brings tears. 

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