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My OCD Moments

JayG has a little challenge on his blog to list your OCD traits. Here are some of mine:

  • Crayons, colored pencils, and so on, must be arranged from lightest to darkest in their boxes. Red and Green trade position with every use as they seem equally dark to me.
  • Like Jay, I use my turn signal at all times, even merging onto the highway from the on-ramp.
  • The keys on the holder must be arranged properly at all times, facing the correct way.
  • I check the oil in any vehicle or motor driven thingamabob before starting it.
  • I have to be at least a half-hour early for everything. “Early is on time, on time is late, and late…don’t even think about it.” So, of course, I married a woman who will be late for her own funeral.
  • I only use 24-hour time, I hate this A.M. P.M. stuff.
  • My boot laces are to be tucked at all times.
  • When going someplace new, I do the same as Jay, but if time permits, and the destination is reasonably close, I will also make a dry-run before the actual trip.
  • I play “Padiddle” even when in the vehicle alone, or with someone who has no clue what I am doing.
  • When wearing a watch-cap with a logo, the logo must at all times be slighty off-center.
  • I must use the restroom at every possible chance, even if I don’t really have to go. It beats being sucked into something and then having to hold it.
  • My clothing is to be clear of soiling from food. Blood is fine, dirt is okay, guts are dandy, grease I can live with. I get a pin-spot of marinara that even I can barely see, the clothes get changed.
  • All analog clocks must have a second hand. Period, there is no excuse otherwise. I don’t buy digital, the ones I have were all gifts.
  • Until I lost my last little bottle, I always carried the mini MRE type Tabasco bottles with me. Once I get a new one, I will resume.
  • My shirt is to be tucked at all times. Every time I go to the bathroom, I un-tuck and then re-tuck to be sure it is done proper and fresh.
  • I chew to one side of my mouth, the center for the next bite, and then the other side. Then I reverse direction. Then I chew with all teeth at once.
  • Like monk touching posts while walking down the street, any multiple object placed at intervals must be touched on passing.
  • The head on the black bear cookie jar must be askew about 30-40 degrees to his right, not forward, not to his left.
  • In a public setting, I always have to take a position where I have an exit and can see everyone else and have no one come to me from behind. That all isn’t a paranoid safety thing. I learned young how to avoid being trapped by my mother and volunteered for things. I would see the look in her eye and be gone. I just simply hate having people behind me, so that is why I like to see the whole crowd and not have anyone able to get behind me.
  • In traffic, I am alone, the first car in the wolf-pack, or the last, never any other position. Stupid backed up traffic being the obvious exception.
  • Any bulk item in a smaller package is topped off from the bulk package once my hands are free.
  • My socks can’t have a single wrinkle, crease, microscopic dust bunny, or crooked seam. I will completely undo a boot in the middle of the snowy woods to fix it.
  • I have to touch and say a few words over any animal I kill.
  • If I throw something, anything, while cranky, I have to say “I’m sorry” to it.
  • I will clean any stone I see in a cemetary that needs cleaning.
  • When I park at home, it must always be in the same place, wheels in the same spots each time. Cars, snowmobiles, tractors, mowers, everything. I am so anal about that one, people used to think that I never used my snowmobile, even though I used to ride it every day, because it was always in the same exact spot when they saw it.
  • I face every bill that crosses my path. I then straighten them all, make sure edges are even, and then put the fold in my pocket. Drives my wife nuts, reminds her too much of when she was a cashier. I also face playing cards.
  • I check all mugs, glasses, and cups before using them.
  • I have to honk my horn three times when passing through covered bridges.

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