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TSA, The New Terrorists

Dearest TSA,

My mother-in-law lives in California, my wife and I live in New Hampshire.

I will not be going to California for any reason because of you. My wife’s step-mother dies? I’m not going. My mother-in-law herself dies? Not going to the services. Major illness over there? I’m not going.

Congradulations my big brother, you have destroyed my family in the name of “safety.” I will not submit my children to government abuses and rights violations for the “privilege” of family unity requiring air travel.

I was trying to be fairly polite, but on reflection of your destruction of a part of my relationship with family, I won’t be proper. Go fuck yourselves. Go to Hell and land in the level reserved for paedophiles and rapists. Here’s hoping Lucifer has the scanners powered up and his cavity-searchers ready for you loathsome bastards. 

This seem harsh and reactionary? It isn’t. I am being very courteous by not flying; because I would snap the first person to ever grope my child, no exceptions.  Put me on a no-fly/watch/suspected-terrorist list for saying this, go ahead. I give precisely no fucks about what you think of me you despotic child-molesting perverts. Stay the fuck away from my family. Seriously, do not come near my family, for every one’s sake.

Have a nice day you terrorist tyrants.

P.S. I was not just throwing out “child-molesting perverts” as an inflammatory insult, you really are child molesters. You are groping children without constitutional justification. Fuck you and your disgusting “job.”

P.P.S. Just wanted to say, “fuck you” one more time. So, fuck you.


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Two Questions of the Day

Why is it that the Brits put this on their front page, but not us?

Also, what do you think the American press reaction would be if pig-fucker Hagan was white, or not a Moslem?

I bet they would be screaming from the rooftops for a month. He would also be called a Tea-bagger just because they could get away with it.

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In Honor of Violent Moslem Fanaticism

A little joke for the day.

Q: Why did the Islamic preschool explode during arts and crafts?

A: The teachers accidentally handed out the C-4 instead of the Play-doh.


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The Gaza Bulldozings, In Perspective

Once upon a time in Gaza, Hamas decided to launch rockets and mortar rounds into Israel. In good fun, of course:

 (Click pics to enlarge)

Meanwhile, in Israel:

And, the IDF responds:

Yup, those pig dog Israeli bastards! Responding to indiscriminate violence against their citizens with force. How dare they clear a safety zone around their border to help prevent this type of horror! They have no right to kill those poor misunderstood terrorist bastards!

Wait, maybe if Hamas didn’t hide in residential neighborhoods to do this, or stopped doing it altogether, the Israelis wouldn’t bulldoze anything, or shoot anyone.

Nah, it must be the fault of thoe pesky Jews.

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