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Where to Start…

It would appear that a french armored truck driver abandoned his truck and drove off in a Ferrari with all of the money inside. He is whining that he wasn’t paid enough by his employer, Loomis. He decided to take the obvious, righteous, and brave step of stealing millions of other people’s money. Our hero also decided the commiting insurance fraud would be the best way to help the poor & starving. The selfless bandit then proceeded to donate all of the money to the poor people around France a poor person he had met himself.

Yup, the whole thing screams Robin Hood. Keeping the money for himself, commiting insurance fraud, for himself, using no “guns or violence” when Robin Hood had used bows and pointy sticks. The resemblance between the two is glaringly obvious.

Rather than sending this egotistical, self-centered prick to prison; I say they force him into slave labor in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other charitable organisations for life.


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Riddle Me This Batman…

What are the chances are that the Canadian government would have ever thrown money at a “Heterosexual Pride” festival?

A maple syrup-covered snowball’s chance in Kuwait is my bet.

Now, what would homosexual queer (they get to say it, so do I) activists do if the Cannuckistani government had ever even considering such a “homophobic” event?

I don’t think “Pitch a screaming public fit with their spandex panties bunched up in their buttless chaps” would quite describe their reaction. It would be more like this:

To Pride Toranto:

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