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It is 0205 this icy morning, and I feel like listing the things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • I am thankful that the end destination of my journey tonight was a soft bed next to a warm woman, not a hospital bed in a town far away from home.
  • I am thankful that my children still live at home, not adults with lives preventing them from seeing me more than once a week or so.
  • I am thankful that I can breathe freely as I type this.
  • I am thankful that my beautiful wife is asleep on the couch, having waited for my return, just a few feet away from me as I type this.
  • I am thankful that my wife is healthy, and we are together, rather than apart, each worrying about the other.
  • I am thankful for the paycheck that will come for having talked to a woman on her way to be tested and diagnosed.
  • I am thankful for my lack of motion sickness requiring medication prior to riding in the back of a van.
  • I am thankful because I get paid extra for the TEMSIS I will file in the morning when I am thinking more clearly.
  • The rain held out in coating the icy road with its slippery grasp until just as I pulled into my driveway, and for that, I am thankful.
  • I am thankful for the meal I was able to eat before being ripped from my home.
  • I was not on duty tonight. I was not on call. When the phone rang and I reached for my coat, my wife smiled and told me she loved me. She didn’t protest, complain, or question, and for that I am thankful.
  • I am thankful that I had a crusty and experienced Intermediate driving and getting us all to the hospital safely.

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How To Cross The Street.

Are you a kid?

  1. If possible, find a crosswalk
  2. Stop
  3. Look left
  4. Look right
  5. If there is a car, make eye contact with the driver
  6. Once the vehicle stops, wave
  7. Once driver signals, cross


  • Same as above

Med Student?

  • Same

Just because you are attending a very nice med school to be a pediatric rocket neurosurgeon does not mean that you can just step into traffic, twenty feet from a well-marked crosswalk, at night, wearing black, without looking, backwards. If you do so into the path of an ambulance and the lightbar is flashed at you, that could be a clue that you are an idiot. Upon this event, you should maybe consider a different career path, bubble-wrap production perhaps? Hockey helmet fitter?

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The Return Of Stewie

I’m doing a ride-along all day. Wish me luck.

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Homeward Bound

On our way home from the trip this morning. It will be great to pick up the kids and see them again. I only hope the dogs were good for the sitter and the cats didn’t wreck the house. It will be time to fill out applications, too. My shiny EMT certification card is sitting on my counter.

Nothing of substance to post today(so far anyway), so, listen to some music.

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Ode to UPS

The big brown truck 0′ happiness was here yesterday dropping off the stuff the evil capitalist pig bastards at Cabela’s made me buy. By the end of the week, three more boxes will be thrown off the truck and onto my doorstep.  All but one of these boxes will bear the ORM-D Sticker O’ Joy. A shiny card will also be in the mailbox with my name next to the letters EMT. Tomorrow, I leave for two nights in costal Maine with my beautiful wife for our anniversary. We will pick up out BAG Day/Anniversary guns once we get there.

I hereby declare this to be the best week ever.

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Test Day

At 0730 yesterday morning, I was being searched. All of my personal belongings were locked into a locker. I was then escorted to a computer. Sixty-something questions and seventy dollars later, the computer shut down and told me to sod off. The nice lady who searched me then gave me my stuff back and told me to have a nice day. The rest of the day was spent going to the range and pacing around while I waited for my results. Luckily, I passed the test, as I found out last night. Sometime in the next three days, I will have a shiny card which will fool people into thinking that I am prepared to work on an ambulance as an EMT-B.

It was a long three months to get here, midnights full time, classes at least two nights a week, about 1300 dollars spent (not counting gas), ride-time, homework, but I enjoyed it. It was the most I have ever learned in such a short time. Now, I need to get a new job, and start saving for an EMT-I certification sometime next year.

Is it weird that I already miss going to class?

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Wish Me Luck

At 0800 this morning, I will be next to the big gold dome in Concord taking my NREMT exam. If all goes well, I’ll be an EMT-B by the end of the week. Think they would frown on me bringing ye-olde hip flask to calm my nerves?

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