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Yes, the Bourbon Is Absolutely Necessary.


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No Hurry, Mr. Sun

I will be perfectly content if you take your time.


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Cold, Windy, Beautiful

Took the wife and kids to the North mouth of Franconia Notch to Bald Mountain and Artist’s Bluff:


It was fun; I hadn’t been there in years.


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Woods Bumming

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I lived at the base of this mountain for a while:





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For Doubletrouble

A double-batch of bannock baked in my billy for breakfast on Saturday morning:

Sliced that bad boy up and drizzled it with some honey.




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Home Sweet Home


Taken as we were breaking camp, and no, my t-shirt and boxers did not successfully dry on the ridge-line.

The cute little 5’x7′ tarp kept me mostly dry in 45+ mph winds, heavy rain, hail, and lightning arcing directly overhead. With a cap, sweater, long-john bottoms, sleeping bag, and an outstanding view of the storm, it was one of the coziest nights sleep I have ever had.


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