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Father’s Day

So I took the kids to pick up a birthday present for my wife while she is out and I have time to do such things:


2013-06-16_14-21-52_638She already has new grips on order and I am already jealous. And the drink in the corner would be a mug of Breckenridge dark oatmeal stout from Colorado West Kansas.



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36Fresh springs have decidedly improved the trigger and spiffy rosewood has made the grip perfect on my retired old snub. I am really tempted to just go back to toting the J-frame and leaving everything else in the safe.


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Correcting A Wrong

DW 15dash2 targetgrip

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by | 06/06/2013 · 10:27


102_3654I really need a new grip for the 15-2, the Pachmayr thing is awful.



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The very last shreds of my discretionary income for the rest of the summer were just spent on this because the gun store owner is a jerk and knocked fifty bucks off the price tag for regular customer-hood:

102_3651I don’t even have the cash to replace the grips with something lacking finger grooves. At least I have a decent stock of 158 grain LSWC and brass…



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The Boy Was Finally Deemed Ready To Try Handgunnery Over The Weekend



Now to tune stance and grip. And before anyone mounts their high horse for a moral charge, there is a handler in arm’s reach just out of frame behind him, there is eye-pro under that awful hoodie, and it is a BB gun.


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Haven’t Posted A Beretta In A While


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