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A Maggot By Any Other Name

So, it seems that there is a bit of a brouhaha dividing biologists of the world.

I did some failed breeding with Drosophila melanogaster in high school. They are vile, smelly, annoying little bugs. If they were called Sophophora melanogaster instead, they would have still been vile, smelly, annoying little bugs.

I am becoming increasingly disappointed with the scientific community. The entire foundation of science is research into fact. Scientists, however, seem to overlook that whenever their opinions are other than what research suggests. The bug was mis-named, get over it. Taking all of the other members of the genus Drosophila, and naming them something else is just an act of hubris. Sentimentality has no place in science. Maybe these objectors should become historians instead. Then they can use Drosophila melanogaster all they want in it’s proper context, a historical one. The rest of the world can then move on and make progress.

“The similarity with Pluto is that you are talking about habit, sociology and psychology: these are more important to the name than actual science.” No, they aren’t, you stupid git.

“What the hell is Drosophila melanogaster?” Click the “Animal Diversity” link under “Interesting Stuff” on the sidebar and punch it into the search bar once you get there.


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