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Fueling Wider Instability

But there’s a downside to DIY security. In arming itself and taking on intelligence tasks, Obo is essentially giving up on ever receiving help from Central African Republic’s impoverished government. That can only further undermine the government’s tenuous legitimacy — and could fuel wider instability in the future.

Sounds scary, they should stop before someone gets hurt. Let us go back to the beginning of the article:

Then the dreadlocked fighters from the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group — tongo-tongo, the villagers call them — rose from their hiding places in the shadows and advanced toward the fire. Others blocked the paths leading from town. The rebels killed anyone who resisted, kidnapped 100 others and robbed everyone in sight.

…The girls would be given to LRA officers as trophies, raped and made to bear children who would represent the next generation of LRA foot soldiers.

So, how, pray-tell will the villagers arming themselves make this any worse? And how, exactly, was the government able to help to begin with? What plan would you propose to solve this problem, while strengthening the government?

Alright, you smarmy little bugger, what would you propose the village do? And what should we be doing? Demand a plan of me and offer none yourself! I would say that the village should do exactly as it is now, and that we should find a way to donate a crate of pistols  to the village with a few ammo cans of the appropriate caliber. Arm the mothers and fathers with the sidearms to carry as they see fit and then see how successful a guerrilla would be in kidnapping their children. You want government legitimacy? Have the BATFE send some of its confiscated weapons over to help arm the scouts. I’d talk about improving the villages communication capabilities, but there is already a group doing just that.

But that would be illegal and the ATF exists to prevent such things! If they can send new guns to Mexico to shoot Border Patrol agents, they can send some used ones to shoot rapists in Africa.

Volunteers in an isolated community taking their valuable time to patrol for danger and communicate with their fellows. Is that threatening government legitimacy, or is that what a legitimate government should be?

(Hat tip to Uncle.)


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Almost Forgot


Commonwealth of Massachusetts you have violated a gun owner’s rights over what may or may not have been a threat. What do you think of this picture?

Rep. McCarthy, I bought those 31 round mags just because you didn’t want me to.

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Hate Crime

Neocon sent me a link to this article in The New Hampshire that calls for more hate crime legislation. I will pick a few points and throw some of my own thoughts out there:

These questions compel me to ask the Right as to why they feel that “hate crimes” are an example of “unnecessary government intervention?”

Because we think that murder is inexcusable, evil, and should be punished to the fullest extent our morality will allow. Guy cuts you off in the parking lot, you bash his head in with a piece of wood. Gay guy walks into a bar, you hit him in the head with it again until he dies to avoid gay cooties. I see no difference in these crimes. To punish the gay-basher more is to piss on the grave of the victim of road-rage.

I find this interesting because many states have decided that if you kill a police officer — the noblest member of society — that that offense deserves the death penalty.

I am against hate crime, and I am against laws that place any greater social importance on police officers, plumbers, or dog groomers. Holy shit, I can be against more than one thing at a time?

Oh, about the noblest member stuff. Soldiers, maternity nurses, people who give up their homes to join the Peace Corps. Yeah, cops are the noblest…

How did the Massachusetts legal system punish Palmer? Two years. Offense? Battery.

Well, that’s yore problem raight thar. Murder is illegal, yet the Volksrepublic chose not to push it. Hate crime would have been totally different. I mean, if they saw hate crime codes, they would have said, “Well crap, we almost forgot to charge the bastehd with murder instead of battery.”

Not to mention that we are talking about Mass here

…overly kill their victims?

I will just let that one sit there, soaking in it’s own stupidity.

We must get involved.

I don’t think your version of getting involved is the same as mine.

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Whiny Multiculturalists And Burning Crosses

“Napa should not have this powerful image as a part of its history to remember.”

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Racism existed then and exists today, this is a fact. There were members of the KKK in Napa, deal with it. Some would point to the art and discuss with their children that yes, these things happened, but they are not to be admired. These are lessons, we learn as much from failure and shame as we do success and glory.

What sort of children would we raise if we shielded them from every negative facet of history and life? How could they possibly be prepared to face the world not knowing how to handle the truth that life isn’t a perfect multi-culti wet-dream?

Never mind the fact that even despicable sub-human sods like klan members have a voice in society. 

No comment on whether or not I would slap “Have A Nice Day” stickers on the robes in the painting like the klan members in Blazing Saddles.



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Happy Moments

A visitor popped onto my blog the other day from the land of Google. I don’t get too many visitors yet, so a search term caught my eye. Being the low-traffic blog this is, I might as well give the query some one-on-one time.

“is tim wise an asshole”

Yes, yes he is.

I’m white, conservative, I carry a gun. I ran into a black conservative carrying a gun in Concord a while ago. Amazingly, I did not try to lynch him, and he didn’t run away from the scary pasty white dude with the Beretta. I guess I’m doing something wrong, according to Sir Wise-acre.

Yup, Tim Wise-ass is, indeed, an asshole.

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TSA, The New Terrorists

Dearest TSA,

My mother-in-law lives in California, my wife and I live in New Hampshire.

I will not be going to California for any reason because of you. My wife’s step-mother dies? I’m not going. My mother-in-law herself dies? Not going to the services. Major illness over there? I’m not going.

Congradulations my big brother, you have destroyed my family in the name of “safety.” I will not submit my children to government abuses and rights violations for the “privilege” of family unity requiring air travel.

I was trying to be fairly polite, but on reflection of your destruction of a part of my relationship with family, I won’t be proper. Go fuck yourselves. Go to Hell and land in the level reserved for paedophiles and rapists. Here’s hoping Lucifer has the scanners powered up and his cavity-searchers ready for you loathsome bastards. 

This seem harsh and reactionary? It isn’t. I am being very courteous by not flying; because I would snap the first person to ever grope my child, no exceptions.  Put me on a no-fly/watch/suspected-terrorist list for saying this, go ahead. I give precisely no fucks about what you think of me you despotic child-molesting perverts. Stay the fuck away from my family. Seriously, do not come near my family, for every one’s sake.

Have a nice day you terrorist tyrants.

P.S. I was not just throwing out “child-molesting perverts” as an inflammatory insult, you really are child molesters. You are groping children without constitutional justification. Fuck you and your disgusting “job.”

P.P.S. Just wanted to say, “fuck you” one more time. So, fuck you.

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From the Left: The right to bear arms? Still?

“Today, we’re much more technologically advanced in so many ways. We even have the iPad. Do we still need to use guns?” – You bean a rapist with your iPad, I’ll bean him with a 180 grain piece of lead (or two, or fourteen) moving at about 900 feet per second. We’ll compare notes when we are done.

“Are people really going to shoot, and maybe even kill a robber, over a television? We would hope that people care more about a life than they care about a materialistic possession.” – I would also hope that people would care more about life than materialism. If someone cares more about my wallet than my children’s or my own safety, I will do what it takes to end the threat. That isn’t killing over a mere thing; it is killing in defense of one’s own life.

“Public safety should be left to trained professionals, such as police” – Where to start?

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