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Bullet Hoses And Steely Eyed Marksmen

“I’d rather have six well-placed shots from a revolver than spray 19 out of a Beretta and miss.” (Mec-Gar makes 18-round 92FS mags)

“I’ll take a professional assasin with an eight-shot 1911 rather than a mall-ninja wannabe with a GLOCK and a bucket of bullets.”

“A newbie missing with a Beretta will die at the hands of the retired special-forces, current cop, and active competitive shooter with his trusty old three-inch J-frame.”

I hate these arguments with a passion. Idiot with spiffy new bullet hose versus steely eyed killer with a round-gun he eats sleeps and drinks with are not the only two choices in the world. Let me demonstrate:

“I’d rather hit the sumbitch 19 times than miss him six.”

“The steely eyed marksman with the 13-shot XD45 will kill the fuck out of the guy with his rusted-up nightstand 1911 that he has never fired.”

Sorry about that last one. I should have realised that John Moses Browning’s (peace be upon him) 1911 is a magical talisman that exudes marksmanship, a fighting fervor, and cool head to its user operator. That stupid, arrogant “operator” thing is a pet-peeve for another time.

These stupid logical fallacies are not arguments, not valid, and are worthless. Assuming your adversary will be incompetent will probably get you hurt no matter what you carry. Cocky kills.

“I’d rather be alive with one leg, than dead with two.” Well, no shit. I was talking about whether or not my infected leg would have to be amputated. That statement right there contributed nothing to the conversation. 

I would hereby like to request that people stop using logical fallacies in discussions; they only serve to confuse, annoy, and waste time and breath.

P.S. JMB kicked ass, his weapons make up a good segment of my gun safe, his designs are works of genius and still serve well today. That does not mean that anything equally nice, or even better has not been made since. On more than one occasion I have watched my father send all 15 rounds from his old issue GLOCK Model 22 into a coffee can at 100 yards at a pretty quick cadence. He never cared for the 1911 or the Hi-Power. I must have been mistaken; he actually missed because he had a high-capacity pistol in a spiffy new tactifragilistic caliber, and therefore, obviously didn’t know what he was doing.


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