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New Gat

New semi-auto single-shot open bolt 22, to be precise. Meet the Winchester Model 55:

I finally found one that works!



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The Vzor 58 has some new furniture:

The black plastic handguards feel very nice and work well, so I was tempted to leave them on and be content with my flipper-baby 58. My wife informed me that she is going to buy some red woodchip handguards herself and I will be putting them on the rifle. Okay.

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Yes, It Can

Be tacticlol despite wood furniture:

Now that I have the clamp loosened enough to stop crunching the mag tube, I just need to get it to the range to make sure the clamp won’t walk toward the receiver.

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New Beretta Day!

If it wasn’t official long ago, it is now; I am a Beretta fan-boy. Meet my new Moschetto da Cavalleria model 91:

This particular specimen rolled out of the Beretta plant in 1935, fascist year XIII. It is chambered for 6.5x52mm ammunition bearing a 160 grain bullet, bears an army acceptance stamp, the bayonet latch is of the pull-tab variety, it has the adjustable rear sight, is in excellent condition, and the previous owner did a very nice job of rubbing some BLO into the wood.

The rear adjustable sight blade clicks forward into a cutout in the upper handguard to leave the battle-sight unobstructed. Not many people know this, and the store assumed that the sight cut-out was a random hack-job by a previous owner for some obscene reason. This misunderstanding caused the rifle to be labled and priced as a cut-stock sporter, when it was actually a beautiful bone-stock example of Italian craftsmanship.

I have always thought the model 91 cavalry carbine to be a beautiful weapon and have desired one for years. To find one in almost new condition, priced as a junker, non-import-marked, and made by Beretta is about as perfect as I could have ever imagined. I’ve passed over rough examples and over-priced carbines, the patience was worth it. All that remains is for the ammunition and en-bloc clips to hurry up and get here so I can shoot this fine old war horse.


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Gunny Holidays, The Third

After having been detained in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, my Christmas gift from a friend arrives:

Remington SPR-18 in 30-06. Which is a re-branded Baikal IZH-18MN. I love single-shots, be they pistols, rifles, or shotguns. Simple, rugged, and unpretentious, break-actions are the ultimate in the working gun class.

This thing is light, has a perfectly servicable (if far from amazing) trigger, very accurate, is light-recoiling, and balances well in hand. The barrel has a very cool spiral pattern that I am still wondering how the factory accomplished at low-cost. After firing a round, the action is very stiff and needs to be de-shouldered to open, but it will smooth well. No ejector on this puppy, extractor only, so you get to pluck the fired casing from the chamber yourself. The sights are fine (as in thickness), and actually very nice. Located right behind the trigger, the safety is very quick and easy to use. Some safeties in that location on other guns manage to be fiddly, so it is a nice touch. For the price, the wood is nice, having an actual grain to it, but is still nothing to drool over.

I think I have a new woods-bumming/moose-hunting rifle.

Oh, also, because I am a class-act and carry myself with dignity and grace; I am having it engraved Moosefucker Express. The friend who gave it to me told me that I have to once I jokingly named his most genrous gift.

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