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Nothing to See Here…Move Along

It’s been a long, hard week already. I’m off to the woods for the day with a Ka-bar, Zippo, mess-kit, and the hounds.

Update: No, I’m not. I have evedently been volunteered to move furniture for someone across town. Now that I’m home from that, I guess I’ll mow the lawn instead. Grumble…..


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This Looks Like A Godsend

Scientists are working on some groovy looking antibacterial dressings.

Our youngest dog has a permanent sore on one of her paws from a skin condition. Every now and then, it gets worse and she ends up on antibiotics to bring it back down. I wonder if a combination of antibiotics and one of these dressings would almost heal the damn sore.

A pipe dream, I know, but I still hope. Here’s hoping it works.

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