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Never Forget


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Passing Of The Blade

My father just handed a Spanish knife to me and told the boy that it will be passed to him when I decide he is mature enough to carry it:




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Armistice Day

I got home from work after midnight in a scathing “rip someone’s head off” mood and started to whine.

Then, I looked at my watch.

The Great War was a horrible clash of modern technology, famine, disease, revolution, and out-dated strategy. May we all shut up for one day and celebrate its end.

I am sorry our ancestors were thrust into such a hell, but proud of their bravery and devotion. Rest well, gentlemen.

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Holy Shit, Batman

Cpl Dipprasad Pun, 31, of Ashford, Kent, said he was “very proud” after receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross at Buckingham Palace.

You would think people would know better than to tangle with a Gurkha by now. Good show, Corporal Pun.

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Never Forget…

…And always be grateful for those who fought for freedom on and after this day, sixty-nine years ago:

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The following tune was composed in memory of these noble men.

James Swearingen – The Light Eternal

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Asshole Quote of the Day

Let me begin by saying that I fully support “Assisted Suicide.” I do not ever support murder, but if the patient is asking to be let free, then as compassionate human beings, we should not stand in their way.

Junior cabinet minister Steven Fletcher has said that Lalonde’s bill was “flawed,” arguing it could relieve the pressure on society to provide the level of social and health support required to make severely injured or ill patients want to live.

Where to start with this idiot. It is not my duty to make someone else enjoy their life. My job is to ensure that my family is okay, not to paint rainbows in the sky for terminal cancer patients. It is not my job to give the end-stage MS patient a bucket o’ puppies. If someone is in unbearable pain, I can’t imagine saying no to them when they ask for it to end. My gut wrenches every time I see a dog or cat go through it. The only difference is that we are allowed to put an animal out of its misery. Far more humane to let a human writhe in pain, sleep deprived, while begging for mercy as death slowly comes. These people don’t necessarily want to die, they just don’t want hurt anymore. How can I make a person enjoy life when every moment of their day is ruled by suffering? Most of the terminally ill people that I have known had an absolute joy for life. They were charitable, happy, gave love to anyone who walked through their doors. Then, they got sick, bedridden, weak, living in pain, speniding more time in hospital wards than in their own homes. They loved life more than I think I ever will, but it was simply time for them to go.

Sure, some will use this to try and off the old lady and take her shiny jewelry, but that would be murder. If we catch them doing it, we can throw them in a dark pit, auction the jewelry, and give the proceeds to the hospital the old lady was in, and justice will be served. Yup, it is better to let the majority of people with painful terminal diseases suffer than to take the risk that a few may be murdered. We want to keep our lucky streak of terminal patients never being killed as long as we can.

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