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Bubble Bubble Toil And You Have A Cuppa

I don’t remember how long I’ve had my favorite camp stove, but my mother bought it for me sometime in middle school. It is nothing fancy, just a Mini Trangia. The little mess-kit contains a Trangia alcohol burner, Frying pan lid, pot body, pot handle, snuff/temp. adjustment ring, and “wind hield” burner stand. They also come with a plastic disk to line the non-stick frying pan to keep it from getting scratched. I lost it and now use a sheet of paper.

As you can see, I keep some extras in the kit: A sponge half, flint wheel, folded aluminum foil wind-shield, and matches. These items make the kit very convenient and small while at the same time keeping the burner unit from banging around side to side with little added weight.
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