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I’ll Just Leave This Here



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Buy Murkin!!!

Overheard at the local Dunkin’ Donuts at opening time:

:0 = My supervisor

:/= The poor cashier

LW = Our town

PC = Town a half hour away

Enter scene as a van pulls into the parking lot and begins unloading a bunch of donuts –

:0 – You guys don’t make your own donuts?

:/ – No, the place isn’t big enough, so we truck them in from PC.

:0 – You are selling imported donuts!? [Insert sarcasm here]

:/ – Heh, yeah, it is a pain to have to truck them in, but hey. Would you like some sonuts?

:0 – No, I don’t wan’t any imported donuts, I want LW donuts, not PC donuts! I have standards. [More sarcasm]

End Scene…

Easily amused or not, if I am laughing at the idea of a boycott of imported donuts, I think I need to go to bed.

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Another long, sleep deprived day, soooo, have a picture:

Stolen from Fang over at Something Awful.

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Hellspawn & Babies

Some days I would call that the proper answer…

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Ever See The Thing?

I was gifted a few cable locks the other day and tossed them into a box while I worked on some stuff outside.When I came back inside, I realized that I had received more than I had bargained for:

MacReady, get the fire ready!

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Worms & Carrots

The Arrogant Worms – Carrot Juice Is Murder:

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An Insensitive Joke For You

Why did everyone run screaming from the building when the Moslem lit his pipe?

It was a pipe-bomb.

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