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When a little miscreant, regardless of age, rips out a wooden board and screams, “If you come out, you’re gonna die.” at a teacher, pepper spray is not excessive.

What I would like to do with the little butt-head out behind the woodshed with my Crossbreed belt after the spray may be.

Aidan’s mom, Mandy Elliot, tells “Today” no other students were in the classroom at the time of the incident, and calls the use of pepper spray “excessive.”

Let me show how that would have read in my case.

Aidan’s father, Butch Cassidy, was unavailable for comment and was last seen chasing after the boy with the same board used to threaten the teachers. Local police appeared to be smirking and left for lunch.


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TSA, The New Terrorists

Dearest TSA,

My mother-in-law lives in California, my wife and I live in New Hampshire.

I will not be going to California for any reason because of you. My wife’s step-mother dies? I’m not going. My mother-in-law herself dies? Not going to the services. Major illness over there? I’m not going.

Congradulations my big brother, you have destroyed my family in the name of “safety.” I will not submit my children to government abuses and rights violations for the “privilege” of family unity requiring air travel.

I was trying to be fairly polite, but on reflection of your destruction of a part of my relationship with family, I won’t be proper. Go fuck yourselves. Go to Hell and land in the level reserved for paedophiles and rapists. Here’s hoping Lucifer has the scanners powered up and his cavity-searchers ready for you loathsome bastards. 

This seem harsh and reactionary? It isn’t. I am being very courteous by not flying; because I would snap the first person to ever grope my child, no exceptions.  Put me on a no-fly/watch/suspected-terrorist list for saying this, go ahead. I give precisely no fucks about what you think of me you despotic child-molesting perverts. Stay the fuck away from my family. Seriously, do not come near my family, for every one’s sake.

Have a nice day you terrorist tyrants.

P.S. I was not just throwing out “child-molesting perverts” as an inflammatory insult, you really are child molesters. You are groping children without constitutional justification. Fuck you and your disgusting “job.”

P.P.S. Just wanted to say, “fuck you” one more time. So, fuck you.

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What In Blue Blazes?

The World War One cross in the Mojave has been stolen.

Metal Scavengers? If so, throw the damn book at them. Anyone with enough mental fortitude to actually get the cross down and get away with it would know that a large cross was put up for a reason. Thieving dipshits.

An asshole with a political beef who knew full well that he was destroying a memorial to men who died to end the Great War? Crucify the little bastard on the cross. When the stupid git is knocking on death’s door, remove him and force him into servitude at a V.A. or veteran’s home.

More than one? Have them take turns on it.

Protest is one thing. Having strong feelings is good. Being outraged at what seems to be an unconstitutional act is to be expected. Defiling a memorial because the Supreme Court told you to fucking deal with it, hell, defiling a memorial at all, is being an inhuman fucking monster.

Sadly, this behavior is not surprising these days. I weep for humanity.

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A Father’s Voice

If one of my children ever uses my post-mortem voice or likeness to make money and cover their own butt; I am re-animating, and shoving my zombie foot knee deep up their adultering ass.

Did he learn anything? Yes. That he can violate the ultimate trust of the woman who loved him, dishonor his father’s grave, and get paid for it.

Way to go Nike. You just rewarded infidelity, family shame, and immorality to make a buck for yourself.

I am not the Nike type, and after this disgrace, my children won’t be either.

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