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Look, a pretty tree that has shed all of its leaves:

Uh, oh, it looks like a beaver or something got to the poor little tree’s base:

Let’s look around for clues and see if we can find out what monster did this:

Well, that's not a beaver.

Oh, for the love of God! The chainsaw rushed past me and took another bite out of that innocent sapling! You bastard, you killed my tree:

That saw just killed the tree for the fun of it and left it for the scavengers. I see one now:

He just swooped down and grabbed the eviscerated remnants of the tree:

Where is the scavenger going to bring the remains? Let’s follow it and find out:

Must be her baby, still not ready to fly on its own.

The mother dropped the tree-meat into the eager jaws of its child:

Gore warning as the little log-splitter chick devours its freshly killed meal:

Oh, the humanity!

I can’t stomach any more, I’ll ride away on my bicycle:

But wait, my trusty steed is in poor health:

Some kind of rash.

To the medicine cabinet! If I can’t heal my iron horse, I will be forced to shoot the ‘ole girl:

It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the rash again:

While my mare rests to fight off rash and infection, I mount the gas-guzzling pack mule to bring the family half a mile down the road:

I need to get the mail 100 yards from the house, but it is chilly, I’ll take the nice warm mule:

The sun is setting and a chill is in the air. I don’t like sweaters, so I’ll make a fire:

It’s dark and scary out here, I need more light:

Much better

I worked up an appetite turning on all of those lights. Time for pork:

Uh oh, I forgot to bring out the re-useable fire stick, I’ll just cut a new one:

Nothing like the pop and sizzle of factory-farmed piggy on a good fire:

If only I had some good mustard. I hope it wasn’t imported from a country with no labor unions:

I hear something about celebrating the earth and cutting carbon emissions today. I’ll celebrate:

Down to the river to set up:

I sure hope I'm doing this right.

 So many pretty colors from the man-made chemicals exploding in the sky made me smile with pride as I helped the call to lower carbon emissions.

I hope the thunderous booms didn’t disturb any of the cute fuzzy critters in the woods. The gentle, soothing patter of chemicals, plastic, treated cardboard, and ink falling into the river like so many of Gaia’s tears probably soothed them back to sleep, anyway.

The End.


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