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Haven’t Posted A Comic In A While

Shamelessly stolen from Cox & Forkum:


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Make Mine Freedom

What’s a gulag here and there, a little censorship, and the loss of your home to the motherland, when I can be treated as a child in return? I will be given my food, told where to go and when, what room in Benevolent Father’s home to sleep in. Hell, I’ll be told what town to live in. The education of my children the state’s young comrades is no longer my responsibility. I can just kick back and work 12-hour days, six or seven a week. Won’t have to choose my own T.V. channels, there will only be a couple of state ones anyway. Thank the Motherland I no longer must choose between MSNBC and FOX. Hell, maybe I can even revert to childhood and be given a wet-nurse to nourish, dress, and change me. No more Imperialistic Christmas or Easter to spend with my the  Benevolent Motherland’s family in love and peace. Work to be done, after all.  

If that doesn’t sound like a vision of hell to you, well, you may want to go see a doctor, you have a head injury. My ancestors did not leave Ireland and Canada just to see me give up everything they worked so hard to give me. And the shame they would feel for me selling out my children’s freedom for some temporary crack-pot ideal of a human ant nest society, would kill them all over again. Everything they toiled their whole lives for, everything they told me as I sat on their knees, every example they laid, I will not see it have been in vain.

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