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Orkney Is A Cool Name For An Island

I picked up a new bottle of single-malt the other day.  Tasting notes coming next month.


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Some More Booze

Because some people aren’t satisfied by scotch alone:

I think my cookie jar has a drinking problem…

I bought this one on my anniversary trip to Maine with my wife last spring, it’ll be opened once I’m off midnights.

I don’t like cucumber at all, but I love this stuff.

 Some tidbits with rum and gin:

  • Favorite rum cocktail – Sharkbite: Tall glass, ice, dump in a shot of dark rum, almost fill with orange juice, add a splash (or glug if you prefer) of grenadine. Enjoy.
  • Favorite gin cocktail – I have four. Pink gin: Dab some bitters in a snifter, swirl it a bit, pour in a measure of your best gin, swirl gently, enjoy. Gin ‘N 7 Up: What it sounds like, not bad with a few drops of bitters, either. Gin ‘N Tonic: Ice-filled glass, drop in a shot of middling to very good gin, top off with good tonic water, garnish with a thin lemon wheel. Martini: Chill a martini glass, add a tiny dab of dry vermouth to a cocktail shaker, swish it out, add ice to the shaker, pour in your very best gin, shake (or stir if you prefer), stain into the chilled glass with a cocktail olive, eat the olive right off and drink. Yes, gin is my go to liquor.
  • Cherry gin – To a very clean mason jar, add halved cherries (fresh, cut out the pits yourself) until it is about 1/2-3/4 full, fill with some of your better gin, cover the jar. Let this sit for a week. Strain, re-bottle, and enjoy in anything you would normally use gin for. It is very, very refreshing.


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A Humble Beginning To A Not-So-Humble Collection

Here is the small collection of scotch stocked at the compound:


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