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Iiiiiii’m Dreaming Of Some Whiiiiite SmoOke…

Just like my grandpa used to knoooww…

 My grandfather is a lefty, and used this 54 caliber Thompson Center Renegade to harvest more deer than I probably ever will. One day he tired of the flash right in front of his eye and invested in a left-hand model. This well-blooded beauty was then given to me with the expectation that I carry it in the woods as often as possible. Believe me, I carry this thing around the boonies a bunch.

She is a very nice example of New Hampshire craftsmanship: adjustable double set triggers, fully adjustable sights, very nice wood, octagonal barrel, and a very tough and pretty finish on the stock. With a 90 grain charge of Goex ffg, she kicks a mite, belches smoke, smites furry woodland critters with authority, and doesn’t waste unburned powder. Step it up to 100 grains, and unburned powder flies everywhere out of the muzzle, something all muzzleloaders do with an over-charge and few people know.

The old girl is pretty accurate, but with the 90 grain charge I run, not as accurate as it could be should I mellow the charge to the 85 grains she prefers. Why don’t I just drop five grains? My powder measure is graduated in ten-grain increments.

I love my hand-me-down smoke pole, as does every one to ever fire her. The only way we will ever part company is in the event that a child or grandchild should prove their worthiness. Even then, I would miss my old friend terribly.

Oh, almost forgot to mention; that 1907 was used by my grandfather’s uncle to carry his Garand through WWII Europe until he was forced to hand it in for an M1 carbine. He absolutely loved the sling and kept it to put on his rifles at home. It was given to my grandfather, who now trusts it to me. I could put it on my Garand to replace the late-style web-sling, but it belongs in the company of another family heirloom.


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Don’t Do That! I Mean It! Stop! One More Time! Stop!

Once again, North Korea has committed an act of war and has gotten away with it. For a country that the U.S. and South Korea are at war with, we aren’t doing much to respond to this shit. Yes, that’s right, the Korean War never ended. The two sides just promised to stop shooting at each other by signing an armistice on July 27, 1953.

So, we have an enemy blowing up an ally’s citizens. We must be loading up the B-2 bombers and massing a battle fleet because, “leaders from around the world have joined Canada in reacting forcefully to the report’s findings and reiterating their support of South Korea.” What, we aren’t? Well, color me surprised.

Wait, since when does “forceful” mean, “wring our hands and bitch like a frustrated mother in a grocery store doing nothing more than say, ‘I’m warning you, one more time’ while her little bastard child pitches a fit”? I must have slept through that day in english class.

I can hear the voices of the peacenicks now, “Well, how would you react to a delicate and complex situation like this?”

Simple answer. Like this:

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Real Men of Honor

It is said that power corrupts. General Ménard would seem to be the exception to that rule.

It is refreshing to hear of honor and selflessness in this, the day and age of “Hooray for me and fuck you.” To screw up and voluntarily face discipline is an example of pure morality. The world needs more men like this. The class system belongs in history books. If General Ménard is ever down this way, I would like to buy him a drink. It would be an honor.

By the way…

Everyone I know who has spent any amount of times around firearms has had a negligent discharge. If (other than the stupid move that caused the ND) due regard to firearms saftey is practiced; the result is nothing more than bruised pride, a hole to patch in the floor, and ringing ears. To expect otherwise, and even criminaly punish people for it seems unrealistic. No one got hurt, a reaming to ensure a lesson learned is all that should be in order. Unless, of course, someone did get hurt, or the muzzle was not pointed at a safe back-stop. The important thing is that lessons are learned, and that it never happens again.

Full disclosure: My ND involved an M1 Garand and a nice hardwood floor. Lesson 1: Garands will fire if the bolt is dropped on a round already in the chamber with no clip in place. Lesson 2: Load firearms outside. Lesson 3: An ought-six going off indoors sounds like the second-coming of Christ. The casing and what I found left of the bullet now sit on a shelf in the basement. Yes, I still smack myself every time I look at them.

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Where Do I Apply For This Job?

I have a decent throw, and an unquestioned willingness to hurl things at smelly, burned out bunny huggers. I have never crewed a ship before, but I’d be willing to work my way up. Hell, I’d supply my own black tacticallistic outfit.

If throwing flashbangs at hippies doesn’t sound like great sport, I don’t know what does.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for fishing endangered species. But, these guys are just doing a job, so take this protest stuff up with the company, not the poor guys who are already worked hard. And are you willing to employ them when they get laid off because of you? Of course not, you filthy short-sighted love-children.

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