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36Fresh springs have decidedly improved the trigger and spiffy rosewood has made the grip perfect on my retired old snub. I am really tempted to just go back to toting the J-frame and leaving everything else in the safe.



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Little Brother


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by | 10/06/2013 · 09:25

From Finland With Love

A Fang for me and Lynx for my friend:


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Passing Of The Blade

My father just handed a Spanish knife to me and told the boy that it will be passed to him when I decide he is mature enough to carry it:




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Pomegranate Opener


by | 09/11/2012 · 11:31


My mother recently came by the house to let me know that she found some of my old Cub Scout stuff and placed these on the counter:

The Victorinox Pocket Pal with Cub Scout emblem was my very first knife. It was taken by my mother after I closed it on my thumb while horsing around and she just found it while looking through some old boxes. She was sure to give me a lecture about knife safety before leaving. Fifteen years later…

The SAK was replaced by a Camillus made Boy Scout knife. It had been lost long ago and she just found it in a damp crate of old campground cookware. I must have set it down prepping my supper on a trip and someone else packed it away. It looks like I can save it just fine.

And, last but not least, the little Buck 305 Lancer that was a trusted companion for years that she found in a couch she was tossing, tucked in a drawer to give back to me, forgot about, and just re-discovered.

Vulcan smiles upon me.


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Old Yeller

I gave my trusty old toothpick away to a former friend years ago and have missed having an example since. Since yellow scales are the best scales*,  this new Texas toothpick just came home with me.


*Except maybe blue bone, but Case doesn’t offer chrome vanadium blades with blue bone scales. Hint hint, Case.


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