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BAG Day 2010

The model 36 has a new sister:

The pretty lady above is a S&W model 10-11 wearing her Hogue wooden grips. When I bought her, she had on her black rubber dress, but the wood is much nicer. Actually, the Hogues came with the revolver. I am her second owner, but will be the first to fire her. The trigger is very nice, I can only imagine what it will be like when broken in. By the way, I didn’t know that S&W was still using leaf springs in the 10-11s. It was a pleasant surprise when I popped off the rubber panels and found the leaf rather than a coil.The young lady has a four-inch heavy barrel and an awesome balance. The firing pin is in the frame rather than the hammer. That would normally bug me, but she is a peach. My only complaint is that I am not sure about how the grips position my grip, but that will be settled with live-fire. Too soon to judge. I am almost tempted to call the anniversary trip over now and go home to shoot her. The revolver, not my wife.

There is a black  Don Hume Double Nine on the way to properly holster this nice piece of the gunmaker’s art. The Buffalo Bore 38 spec. +P 158 grain SWC-HC that came the other day will finally get tested. I imagine that they will scream (for a 38) out of this little lady.

Enough of this, I’m off for some more snap cap re-load practice and dry-firing. Oh, and that corny anniversary stuff.

Update: This thing is now on nightstand duty, its rounded nature conceales under dress clothes better than the Beretta, and it is far more accurate than I am. The rubber grips make handling easier, so they now live on the weapon while it guards the house.


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