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Good Time For Action In Plymouth, NH

Plymouth State University

Campus Safety Alert

 Friday, April 30, 2010

 The following information is being provided in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

University Police were informed this afternoon by the Plymouth Police Department that they are currently investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred near campus earlier today.

According to a Plymouth Police Department spokesperson, a PSU student reported that at approximately 1:00 am this morning, Fri., April 30, 2010, she was outside a Langdon Street residence when a vehicle pulled up.  One male exited the car, pulled the victim inside, and drove off along with three other male occupants of the vehicle.  The victim stated that she was sexually assaulted while being driven around to unknown locations in the area.  Approximately one hour later, the victim said she was dropped off in Lot 105 near Pemi Hall.

There are no usable descriptions of any of the alleged assailants available at this time.

This incident is actively being investigated by the Plymouth Police Department.  Anyone with information about this alleged assault should contact Det. Matthew McCarthy, Plymouth Police Dept., at 536-1804, x-141 or University Police Special Investigator Jennifer Frank at 535-2330.

 We encourage all students, faculty and staff to take normal precautionary safety measures.   Walk in well lit, heavily traveled areas.  Do not walk alone. 

 Report any suspicious activity to the University Police by calling 535-2330 or 911 as soon as possible, or anonymously by using the Tips Line at 535-8477 or online using the Silent Witness Web site at http://www.plymouth.edu/cpolice/witness/witness2

My wife attends PSU. It is a weapons-free campus (pdf of student handbook here). I doubt the lady in this case would have armed herself even if allowed, but the next potential victim should be able to.

“We encourage all students, faculty and staff to take normal precautionary safety measures.   Walk in well lit, heavily traveled areas.  Do not walk alone.” And arm themselves as they see fit. There, fixed their error of omission.

I have debated making a public stink about this issue for a few days, and I am going to. This whole thing is just an alleged incident at this point, thus the self-debate. It doesn’t matter, it has terrified students who should be armed to begin with. Call, write, see in person, PSU administration and demand carry for students now (tactfully). Oh, look, a list of numbers:

Campus Contacts

If you are looking for an individual on campus and not a department, please try our phone directory search. If you are are looking for a department not listed here, you can contact the PSU Main Switchboard at (603)535-5000.

Department Email Address Phone
Admissions (undergraduate) plymouthadmit@plymouth.edu 800-842-6900
Alumni Relations alumni@plymouth.edu (603)535-5000
Athletics Office kcherrin@plymouth.edu (603)535-2770
Bursar’s Office bursar@plymouth.edu (603)535-2215
College of Graduate Studies forgrad@plymouth.edu (603)535-2636
Financial Aid

Contact the Financial Aid Team
1-877-846-5755 (toll-free) or (603)535-2338
Frost School of Continuing and Professional Education frost_school@plymouth.edu (603)535-2822
Helpdesk helpdesk@plymouth.edu (603)535-2929
Human Resources   (603)535-2250
Institutional Advancement   (603)535-3078
Lamson Library   (603)535-2258
President’s Office   (603)535-2210
Public Relations opr@plymouth.edu (603)535-2276
Registrar   (603)535-2345
University Police   (603)535-2330
Webmaster webadmin@plymouth.edu (603)535-2276

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