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36Fresh springs have decidedly improved the trigger and spiffy rosewood has made the grip perfect on my retired old snub. I am really tempted to just go back to toting the J-frame and leaving everything else in the safe.



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Correcting A Wrong

DW 15dash2 targetgrip

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102_3654I really need a new grip for the 15-2, the Pachmayr thing is awful.



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The very last shreds of my discretionary income for the rest of the summer were just spent on this because the gun store owner is a jerk and knocked fifty bucks off the price tag for regular customer-hood:

102_3651I don’t even have the cash to replace the grips with something lacking finger grooves. At least I have a decent stock of 158 grain LSWC and brass…



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The PRO Is A Bit Bulky For A Lightweight Build

There is only one solution:



I will save for an Aimpoint H1 with a Daniel Defense mount to put on the AR later. It will be a bit more appropriate on a KISS carbine.


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DoneFor those curious:

– Daniel Defense lightweight 16″ chrome-lined, carbine-gassed barrel with FSB and 1 in 7″ twist

– Innovative Industries Krink hider and I am not going to even try to remember who made the crush washer under it

– YHM gas tube

– Aero Upper

– A…can’t remember…barrel nut. Worked, was inexpensive.

– A delta ring, can’t remember. Hi Standard, maybe?

– Windham Weaponry M16 BCG

– BCM Mod. 4 (Medium to us normal folk) charging handle

– Double Star slim handguards

– IWC Scout with Surefire G2X

– GWACS Cav-15 lower with I can’t remember what standard carbine buffer and spring

– Brownell’s LPK bit minus FCG

– ALG ACT for a trigger

– Trooper Gear Cav-15 sling

– Aimpoint PRO

-Folding GG&G rear sight


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590 OTR

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