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Turn Your Back

And they multiply like rabbits:

New Problem

A couple of old fixed lens rangefinders found their way into my collection and another ME Super popped up at a very good price in great shape to use as a hot spare…



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Speaking Of Projects

I scored a DL-200 in a cheap box of junky point and shoots:

DL-200 Before

It has a very nice lens, but takes a proprietary hard-wired battery and has no flash over-ride. A couple coats of paint should take care of the flash before I get out the screwdriver to jury-rig a new battery pack with duct-tape and a paper clip. Or, I may drill a hole in the case and solder a switch into the flash circuit. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Why? I don’t have cable.


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Was playing with blocks while my daughter was in the gym and noticed a chalkboard wall full of kids’ doodles. Got some weird looks from the mothers when I pulled out a camera, built a tripod out of Mega Blocks and started taking pictures of a chalkboard. Their eyes nearly bugged out when they noticed a lack of LCD screen on the back and realized I was shooting film.

A four second exposure on Portra 400 through a 50mm lens stopped down to f22 under fluorescent lights ought to be interesting. Or terrible. Amusing at any rate.

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His & Hers

Cuddle Pentax Buddies

Our anniversary is next month and my wife wants to try to budget a photography class for us over the summer. She likes film and wants to learn exposure, so a fully manual SLR seemed just the ticket. I gave it to her early so she can futz with it and get it cleaned up. Her K1000 shares the same lenses as my ME Super to help logistics, as well.



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Film Isn’t Dead



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I Found A Thing


And here I was, worried that I was getting rusty in my skill at scoring cool stuff for free.



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