I Hate Everything

My basement is a crumbling stone foundation with dirt floor and a couple springs/poor drainage on the property. Any one of those is bad enough without having to combine them all into a murky subterranean lake. The wiring is all dangling, some running under the water, because people “helping” the elderly with home repair are lazy and borderline evil shitcunts. The plumbing is equally lazy with half-assed and leaky soldering jobs on the joints. Nevermind the nonsensical runs.

And now the hot water line has frozen and blown at an elbow. Now to find some solder, flux, abrasive to clean the joint, heat gun to melt the ice out of the pipe, a torch worth a damn, and try to patch my living nightmare back together. Fuck it all to hell.



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3 responses to “I Hate Everything

  1. rick

    In a bout of delicious irony, the ad shown on this page reads, ‘whatever I takes to make it yours’. Hey, on several of my own homes I had been through exactly what you are writing of.

    And now I get to do it all over again at y widowed mother’s home because apparently my dad in his last years suffered some kind of mental dipshitism which allowed him to think it was a good idea to hire a battalion of unexperienced and unskilled shitfucks to wreck the place. For over 20 years I ran two home remodeling business’. I thought I had seen every which way someone can screw it up. I now know better.

    Trust me, there is daylight at the end of the tunnel. Never surrender.

  2. Yeah. I’m sure we’ll get the property straight eventually but having one thing blow up while in the middle of other home repairs is definitely an express ticket to a bad mood.

  3. Rich in NC

    Those alligator teeth sure are sharp when all we wanted to do was….

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