Finally got a chance to move the metal locker given to me out of a P.D. armory into my workshop. Promptly started loading it with all of our ammo to end the stack-o-ammo-cans in the corner. Pickins are pretty slim in there after we shot some up to avoid moving a bunch when we settled in the new house. And have since really just bought what we shoot with no extra.

Going to have to knuckle down and slowly rebuild our stock. Start with 9x19mm ball for wife and kids, 9x19mm JHP for wife’s bedside pistol, 40 S&W ball for me, have 100 rounds of my .40 carry ammo left but want more, and need more 380 ACP carry ammo. Then on to 17 HMR and 22 LR. Then 5.56x45mm ball, 5.56x45mm expanding ammo, 7.5x55mm (GP11 preferably), and start tucking some 357 Sig away because I have a new toy coming and have no self-control when it comes to moon calibers. Oh, and more 20 gauge now that The Boy is getting more tolerant of recoil. And tuck away some 16 gauge slugs and buckshot here and there on all but lowest priority.

Also need to bulk up my reloading components…

Despite not having a 45 ACP, I have 100 rounds of 230 grain hardball someone gave me and want to get more just in case I ever find myself the owner of something in God’s Own Caliber.

Anyway, want to work up to a minimum 1,000 rounds ball for each pistol caliber (2,000 preferred goal), 250 rounds expanding ammo for each pistol caliber/30 Carbine/5.56 (500 preferred goal), and as much assorted rimfire as we can make fit on a cabinet shelf. Plus a couple hundred loaded plinking rounds of each handload-only pistol caliber we have so I don’t always have to take a morning to load in preparation for a range trip. And a minimum 50 loaded rounds of my 30-30 hunting load. Handloaded milsurp calibers can continue to be solely loaded in small volumes when I feel like shooting them a bit.

I have next to no 12 gauge but oddly don’t care. I never really shoot my 12s and just don’t much like the gauge. Will ~eventually~ wind up with a small pile of 00, maybe some #4 buck, couple cases of cheap birdshot for blowin’ stuff up, a few boxes of slugs, and some decent #6 loads on mere principle after everything else gets settled.


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