The Itch

The AR-15 is neat. I admit it.

But it always leave me feeling pretty meh at the end of the day. And the charging handle is outright stupid. STANAGs are also terrible mags. I build one, like it for a while, the appreciation fades, and I tuck it back in the corner to shoot other guns.

Thinking of selling my Cav-15 lower and some other assorted stuff to build an alloy pistol lower (last one had a couple quirks that made me hesitate to stamp it and was sold off), check function with a 10.5″ upper, file a Form 1, order up a stock, and just have a SBR. Something short to break down in a pack and tote to the range on bicycle would be pretty cool and get more trigger time. Or be handy to take camping because I wanna. My wife and kids can have my 16″ middy with a shortened pink Cav-15 I am about to buy. Then I can build my blue furnitured 20″ rifle at a snail’s pace as parts go on sale because tapered clamshells and A1 stocks make me happy.

Will also let wife-n-kids have all the Pmags and just keep the aluminum 20 rounders for myself.

Unless the pink Cav deal falls through in which case, meh.


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