I Regret Nothing


The UTG red dot has absolute co-witness with the irons, I had to chop the front off the rear sight assembly to make it fit, recoil isn’t so much recoil as feeling the 8.25″ bolt bounce back and forth, it is relatively quiet, runs Tula/Federal ball/Hornady Custom 90 grain XTP just fine, and is a load of fun.



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2 responses to “I Regret Nothing

  1. Cool! Though I think even most hi point haters will concede that the carbine is decent.

    • The first Hi-Point I ever fired was a 4595 carbine with beat-up Eotech. I only shot it for a cheap laugh when the guy offered and wound up really enjoying it. Same guy later made me try a 4095 carbine and it was also fun.

      Once the 380 hit the market, I needed in on the insanity. The hilarious fun return on little investment erases any self-consciousness I should feel.

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