The folks at Ammunition to Go sent me a couple coupon codes for 100 rounds of 115 grain Magtech FMJ, shipped. Full disclosure that I cashed one in myself as both compensation and to test their shipping, which was fine. And my wife promptly commandeered the delivery for her CZ :/

Your challenge is to hand-draw (preferred, to be honest) or Photoshop a hostage target with Grinch behind a Christmas tree/stack of presents/Who/Santa/The Hogfather/whatever and engage the green sumbitch at any range you find challenging with an airgun or firearm of your choice. Post a link to scanned target in the comments to this post by New Year’s Day with a description of your range and equipment setup. Bonus points for accompanying fanfic describing the backstory of your target. More bonus point for photographic evidence of at-range cosplay. And remember that the comedy option is always an option.




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