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Just put a gun on layaway. Won’t have it paid off until after Christmas because I need to at least pay lip service to responsibility.

Feel free to start guessing as I am sure you care greatly.



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This Can’t Possibly End Well

The kids are marathoning Cowboy Bebop in the living room.

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Annual Plan

– Compound butter rubbed turkey. Spatchcocked and high roasted.

– Pies: Dutch apple, sweet potato, pumpkin. All from scratch.

– Popovers

– Sausage stuffing with staled homemade bread.

– Forget what bottle of wine I picked up for this.

– Fresh made brandied whipped cream.

– Garlicky mashed redskin tater

– Giblet gravy

– Whole cranberry sauce with orange zest and orange liqueur

– Smooth cranberry sauce

– Assorted roast squash

– Sparkling cider


– American whiskey punch

– Fresh bread and cultured butter

Guest Bringing:

– Green bean casserole


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I’m Sure You Care

Just found out that the belt pouch to a Fenix PD20 fits a 32 ACP FN 1910 magazine perfectly. Because, you know, that’s one item everyone wants nylon gear for.

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Needs More Love

I don’t post my S&W 6904 enough:


A shame because it is a great shooter and a neat pistol.

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Feeeeeeed me, Seymour!


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Made a P.O.S.

20151116_085730 20151116_085202

Was in a horrifically bad mood, last night, and took out my frustration on an ugly and half-assed convertible rig for the new Beretta.

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