Shaping Up

The airgun range is coming along.

A friend wanted to fiddle with a MIG and zapped me some 1″x1″square plates on baseplates, I still need to clear some more brush to fit an airgun silhouette stand, make a couple scrapwood knockdown field targets, and a tumbling rabbit target. Also have a few more fiddly piece of srap steel to make some more small plates. Paper targets are just going on a clipboard with center cut out that can be propped on whatever. And the dangly cans are fun so I will grab some wire fishline leaders and make roundstock gorge hooks to hang the cans after the junky string and pencil stub hangers get shot down.

Come spring, I want to get things more level and mulch around it all to avoid having to weedwhack regularly.

Now to see how long before the neighbors get tired of clank…ping…tink…thwack repeated for variable durations through the week.


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