A Request to Pistol Manufacturers

I realize that the “pocket” 9x19mm fad is selling guns and that customers want a teeny Europellet popper. It is certainly a niche worth filling.

But the tiny guns have trouble pushing many otherwise excellent JHP fast enough to expand, are snappy, require deepnriding holsters for stability which starts to interfere with establishment of a proper grip on the draw, and they are not easy to shoot. Buggers are definitely for experienced pistol shooters.

What I would like is for you to make them longer. Leave the butt short and as-is while increasing barrel length to four inches. This will give more slide mass, make more reliable function easier to attain, leave IWB concealability unchanged while putting more slide below the beltline for stability, reduce felt recoil, lengthen site radius, should improve service life, and make the guns far more shootable for everyone.

Bonus points if you also offer them in 40 S&W because I want one despite my previous comments regarding snappy recoil 😉

And a specific note to Glock: Please unbugger the mag catch on the model 43. The magazine on a carry gun getting hung up on the catch to prevent insertion and increase the likelihood of a bobbled reload is not okay. Buyers should not be filing the catch themselves and calling it good. And it is not an acceptable break-in issue. If I wanted to deal with break-in, I would have bought a Kahr years ago. I’m confident you can iron it out.

Love and Kisses,

Butch Cassidy


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