I Have No Idea

Bloomed a few heaped tablespoons of red curry paste in a few tablespoons of oil before sweating a diced onion and habanero. Then in with crushed garlic. Then a few tablespoons of flour to roux-ify. A quart of milk, a few splorts of fish sauce, some salt, and ground black pepper to a simmer. A couple handfuls of monterry jack cheese, a can of tuna, and a can of minced clam once off the heat.

All while a box of cavatappi boiled to well underdone.

Pasta mixed with sauce in a baking dish now in the oven.

I have no idea what happened to my original plan to make mac and cheese to go with some baked beans. But here I am.



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2 responses to “I Have No Idea

  1. Doesn’t sound bad, though.

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