For A Friend




by | 15/04/2015 · 08:15

3 responses to “For A Friend

  1. Doubletrouble

    Nice holster, but totally unrelated.
    I need advice- so ‘air riffle guy’ immediately came to mind.

    I’m heading to an auction where the are quite a few Airguns for sale. Thinking of adding at least one to the collection; any general thoughts on good/ bad brands, etc.? I know nuttin’ about these guys.
    There are (a bunch of) gamos, RWS, crosman, remington, daisy (!), beeman, & etc. there.
    Any help would be appreciated, Butch!

    • RWS makes great guns. If you could find onenof their lower-power springers for stupid accurate all day plinking without a sore arm, it would be dandy. Or one of their field target models to put the hurt on steel and pests alike. Any of their pieces will outlive the next generation with care and maintenance. The stock triggers will also be the best of any brands you listed. Just give Pyramyd Air’s website a quick browse to get a feel for reasonable pricing.

      Weirauch is pretty much the RWS budget line. Pay attention if it pops up. The prices are less for guns every bit as accurate and solid.

      Crosman makes mostly good stuff. Mostly. If there is vintage Crosman at the auction, I’ll just say that there are full blown insane collectors who specialize in the old models. There have been a ton of awesome things put out over the years.

      Gamo is…overrated. Some of their newer guns are neat and most are solid enough but they are decided budget guns and not heirloom pieces by any stretch. I’d ignore them at an auction and it is doubtful you’d miss anything ineteresting.

      Beeman makes cool stuff.

      Daisy makes a fair gun and has some super neat models. But a lot of generic plastic stuff, as well. Their diopter-sighted single-shot 5m competition BB rifle is just the absolute coolest but will probably be better bought new than at auction pricing. Some of their older stuff was way cool.

      Nice to hear from you, again. I would say that a side-lever RWS would most likely be up your alley of nice wood and steel made to last while still keeping critters out of the shed with no issues. Or a break-barrel. Any caliber from 177-25 would be fine but I can see you prefering 20 or 22. Bigger pills for thumping targets and also less fiddly to load than 177. 25 caliber is a bit spendy when buying pellets in the range of 22lr.

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