Finally got energy saving bulbs in all the light fixtures and removed some redundant lighting/extra bulbs in gratuitous chandeliers. Should take some edge off the electric bill.

Now to find a spot for this here wine rack. And then to trap whatever rodent bastard is living in the first floor ceiling. Touch up drywall, finish some drywalling, do some painting, fix the tired upstairs shower, and and and and and all the way to spring and exterior repairs plus working on better winterizing the basement of doom.

And garden beds.

And cornhole sets.

And build a chicken coop.

And backyard airgun range.

And wall in a mudroom.

And build shelves in the study.

And fix the first floor deck.

Just never move into a fixer-upper…



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2 responses to “Savin’

  1. Oh, build a reloading bench, take care of the garage ready to cave in and not worth saving, build a shed, fight wild bamboo to keep it out of planned garden beds, set up a homebrew corner for the carboys…

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