– Two eggs, a good pinch of salt, and couple grinds of black pepper whisked together with a fork.

– 8″ iron skillet over medium-high before foaming in a pat of butter.

– Stir eggs into the skillet with a fork and keep stirring them until mostly gelled.

– Off heat to sprinkle with crumbled feta and fold.

– Plate set in top and pan flipped to avoid acrobatics.

– Yeah, I got a hint of tan on one end, angering the Gods of Haute Cuisine who will surely smite me and curse my bloodline. Don’t care, it was yummy.



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3 responses to “Omelette

  1. Haute cusine would hate my fried eggs probably. I like it when the edges are nice and crispy.

    • I like crispy-edged over-easy eggs on top of rice bowls to shred into a yolky, crunchy, delicious chilled lunch

      And with Homefries to wrap the crispy edge around a potato chunk and dab in ketchup.

      You want a soft runny egg, poach it or soft boil it *hands on hips*

      • Get your griddle as hot as you can, oil it up, crack an egg. You can get super nice crispy edges and still have a soft runny yolk if you do it right.

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