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Will probably cut it out, laminate it, and tape it right back in there. Even if I would substitute brown sugar for plain.


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No Glaze

I like my cheese to crust up on the top:


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Last night was the first sleeping at the new place. We will stay and just bulk move our stuff to storage from the old place. Then gradually move our stuff in as can be done orderly with no living out of boxes and chaos.

In the meantime, my grandmother had some hamburg in the fridge in need of using, a tray of sliced cheeses, and a to. If crackers. Add some spices, milk, ketchup, Pickapeppa, sweated onion, mustard powder, and a couple eggs for ye olde meatloaf.

Between that, leftovers, and a turkey carcass prepping for a date with one Mr. Stock Pot, I don’t think we will starve before Christmas. Or lack for protein.

Also, my grandmother still has her old, round, ’70s-tastic Tupperware bins of several sizes. They are awesome and already cleaned to store assorted flours 😀

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– Spatchcocked the turkey and rubbed Dijon/sage/salt/pepper/garlic butter under the skin before racking in the fridge to let the skin dry overnight. Roasted at 450 degrees.

– Kale and onion gratin topped with slivered Swiss.

– Neeps and tatties made with rutabaga and red skin potatoes, mashed chunky with salt/butter/cream.

– Cranberry sauce with orange zest and a glug of orange liqueur.

– Sausage stuffing with white and wheat bread chunked largish. Made a 2:1 custard ratio of homemade chicken stock and eggs to mix in after the browned sausage and aromatics went in.

– Mashed squash made with leftovers from the acorn squash I roasted for last week’s family potluck.

– Giblet gravy with chopped and browned neck and back. Rather than a flour/butter roux, I rendered the fat from the turkey tail and some trimmings for the bulk of the fat and roasting pan drippings for the rest. Homemade stock as the base and a splash of Pickapeppa before salting to “salty” as gravy is a condiment on dull foods. My first time slightly over-salting, and I will continue to do so.

– Cider mulled with orange/lime/cinnamon/cardamom/star anise.

– My dad brought rolls and pies to take some load off me.

And I have a whole baking sheet of stuffing leftover.

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This Thanksgiving will be much simplified from usual plans:

– No homemade rolls, bread, or biscuits; they have been outsourced.

– Spatchcocked and high-roast turkey with compound butter rub under the skin.

– Sausage stuffing with plenty of sage

– Kale gratin

– Cranberry sauce, homemade

– Mashed neeps and tatties

– Pressure cooker butternut squash soup

– Chunky mashed leftover roast acorn squash

– No punch bowl 😦

– One bottle of decent white wine

– No homemade pie. A tragedy, but the move is still a never-ending hell and I do not have time.

But, it will be a good Thanksgiving weekend with a friend home from Europe to take a hike and another back from Out of state for a bit.

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Change of Plans

Remember my plans to start tasting lagers of varying prices and do some taste tests? I have not forgotten, but realized I had much to learn and a orchards would be pointless and arrogant from a novice.

Since starting, I have probably started drinking as much, probably more, lager than ale. And I have been building some preferences within the bottom-fermented brew. It’s a fun ride and I still stand by my fondness for the High life/Genesee/’Gansett grade fizzy yellow beer. Sam Adams Boston lager remains my go-to when in the mood for a nice lager, and I have been having fun in the upper prices. But keep coming back to the bottom and middle shelves. Pearls before swine, perhaps, but the lower racks are easier on my abused wallet 😉

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Are fun. And you can wind up with a good number of them if you eschew financial responsibility hate money. But then you move and berate yourself for how much nerdy shit you have to pack up, load, transport, unload, and reorganize.

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