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Quick Movie Review

Evil Dead (the 2013 remake):

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy, practical effects!!! Beyond that, you know the deal. Blood, shotgun, blood, electric carving knife, blood, a dog, blood, idiots in a cabin, blood blood blood. Worth a watch.


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Shield, G42, LCP:




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Random Cover Shirt



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By the Way

The shop had a commander-size Ruger 1911 that I fiddled with while picking up my Shield. I really want one, now.

Which reminds me that I still need a S&W 4566 because ~neat~

Which reminds me that the ASP was a gloriously hilarious thing and I want one.

Which reminds me that I can’t afford any of it in the remotely near future.

Which is probably for the best.

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A friend finished paying off a Shield in 9x19mm on Saturday and we went shooting right away. It was okay to shoot wih powder-puff rand ammo, a snappy ass with some of my wife’s peppy range ammo, and it was easier to shoot with less grip-testing snap of my LC9 we also brought.

Cut to me trading the LC9 toward a Shield in 40 S&W which is not any more snappy than the 9mm Shield, but pushier. 180 grain Federal HST, 180 grain Tula, and 170 grain Fiocchi all ran fine. It’s a new gun to me, but managed a 3″ group at about ten meters in quickish fire. I doubt it will replace my Glock 27 on my belt, but it seems to be a keeper as a hot spare.

Now to ditch the thumb safety. Oh, and almost forgot, the pictures compare the Shield with Glocks 27 and 42. Oh^2, it weighs 24 ounces loaded 6+1 with 180 grain Federal HST.

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Yup, total fiscal responsibility :/

Wound up trading an unused gun for credit and got the new gat, today. Post after I get to shoot it. Hopefully this weekend if life mellows out for a minute.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Putting money down on a new gun, tomorrow. Probably won’t finish paying it off for a month. Feel free to start guessing.


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