Adventures Without Cable: Vol. 1

The new place could use a good service table for cookouts to live on the deck. But lumber costs $jimminycricket!$

This puppy was across the river in a hangup while I walked the dog, today:



So I, of course, stripped to my Speedo, swam across the river in September, floated it back over as a raft, and carried the pig a half mile home. And, also of course, my house is uphill from the river. Can’t feel my elbows.

The thing is a work of redneck wonder and is modular with carriage bolts to replace bits as necessary. Some fresh paint until the legs need replacing and then a quick chop and drill with fresh 2″x4″. And it is back in service.



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4 responses to “Adventures Without Cable: Vol. 1

  1. Free table! Free table!

    Btw, I am planning on doing some “favorite kitchen things” but so far I haven’t had the time line up in the right places to actually write something.

  2. And actually I think there’s a table exactly like that down at my grandpa’s house.

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