Is an absolute trainwreck for the last few months. Which leaves me thinking about far too much at once.

I have been giving serious thought to razing this blog to ashes and…I don’t know…

Re-start it with fewer posts that feature actual effort?

Start a fresh one with different format?

I’d like to challenge myself to write some short pulp pieces a few times a year, make some effortposts about assorted kitchen gadgets/airguns/gunguns/knives/some outdoorsy gear/start up with more bike/hike hat, lean a bit more toward budget foodbloggery as I challenge myself to bake more. I don’t know. But the new place will have internet and random music videos will resume when I finally manage to get moved in, at any rate.

My life is shifting massively and leaving this place as the asinine ramblings of a twenty-something fit to vent now and then seems inconsistent. What say you?



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3 responses to “Life

  1. I never get why people stop one blog and start another one (or have multiples running at the same time). Not sure if that’s what you meant, but I like it here. Just do what you want, when you want to. And you probably know by “reading” my blog how I feel about making effortposts (not that I object to reading them). But more music videos would be nice.

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