Going for it

Sweated diced onion and jalapeño before adding not-quite-minced garlic and some of the the crudely chopped and squeezed guts of a zucchini to soften up. Then cooled and mixed with finely grated Parmesan, a half pound of hot Italian sausage, and maybe a cup of leftover rice. Into the hollowed-out halves of a biggish zucchini and slide the lot into the oven at 400 degrees.

Will it dry out? Be a greasy mess? Stew? Will my shameful forgetting of salt earn it a one-way ticket to Blandville? Will Trish finally admit her love to Paul before finding out he is her long-lost secret twin? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!



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2 responses to “Going for it

  1. I did something like that once, only I put it on eggplant slices, and it was really good.

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