Thought For The Evening

You know Thai restaurants and their usual Scale-O-Spicy 1-5/A-E/Whatever? I am always thoroughly disappointed the scale isn’t labeled “Minnesotan Lutheran – KILL WHITEY”


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  1. In my “Montana Family” from college, the Dad was very very Minnesotan. Butter, salt and sugar were the main spices, and black pepper was wayyyy too much for him. Over time we slowly got him used to the idea of having hot sauce in the fridge, but knew better than to push our luck.

    My roommate was actually Lutheran, not Minnesotan but only three generations removed from Norway. Blondest, bluest eyed, nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but boy did I punish him with various hot sauces and salsas.

    And then, speaking of, tonight I made stir fry with a vinegar-chili sauce made out of those fermented thai chili flakes I made a couple years ago, and it was dee-lish.

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