Favorite Brewery, Go

Anyone have a favorite brewery? Post about it and tell why. I’ll start:


Sure, the brewery is in Hampton, New Hampshire and I do have an unhealthy amount of state pride, but they make very good beer. Old Brown Dog may be my outright favorite beer and is certainly my favorite brown ale. Shoals pale ale is an excellent example of the style with great balance. Finestkind IPA is a grapefruity delight. And their robust porter is outstanding. Local, reasonably priced (often a buck a bottle), and expertly crafted across the board? Hell yeah.

To be honest, though, Genesee at one point was a very close second. Fifty cent cans of my beloved cream ale, a very good honey brown, but their seeming discontinuance of their porter and other craftier Dundee brews knocks them considerably down 😦

Harpoon needs a shoutout, too. A bike ride between breweries? OKAY! And I have always had a thing for their UFO packaging. The solid citrusy hefeweizen inside does not disappoint, either. Even if the rest of their line is nothing special to me, the regular sight of UFO cashing out when I was a kid was one of the first things I noticed when craft beer worked its way to the Northcountry. Sentimentality has to stand for something.

So, how about you guys?


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  1. Kannah Creek, because I can ride my bike there (to their new bottling plant/brewpub) where they make an excellent pulled pork sandwich and deep fried green beans, or because their original location has the only stone oven in town (and were the ones who first told me that capers are ok on pizza). Also, award winning beer, which, because of aforementioned new bottling plant, I can enjoy wherever I can carry a six pack to. Also, they always have some new wacky style in a cask for me to try. Also a rotating barrel with an even wackier flavor (salted caramel stout, anyone?) where every week they donate the profits to a random local charity.

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