The Selection Is In

For the lager tasting post:

Cheap – Miller High Life (Sadly, Geneseee cream ale is an ale, so not happening)

Middling – Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL (India pale lager, this could be neat, hooray for brewers trying new things)

Spendy – Oskar Blue Mama’s Little Yella Pils ($10.99 for a sixer of 12 ounce cans)

I already snuck a little a Yella pils and it was yummy, but let’s say it is included in two beers I have never had before (Yella pils and IPL). The plan is to throw a middlin’ lager, a high end lager, and a different for the sake of Vermont hippie-dom lager at one lowly budget line American adjunct lager. Will it make me forswear cheap fizzy yellow beer? Will I cast proper lager aside to embrace my inner working man to stick exclusively with adjunct? Will I remain the same, regularly drink ole fizzy while enjoying craft ales on the regular and mostly ignoring craft lager? Or will I still have a soft spot for adjunct and give craft lager an equal place with ale in my enjoyment of spiffybeer? Probably the last (I can already tell you the last).

But will ~$1.80 fancy pants lager be three times better than budget adjunct? Will the ubiquitous and hated by snobs Boston lager be twice as good? Or should we all just get along and leave a place for all of the good deity’s beers, great and small?

Yes, this will be a sham of a test once I get the judging cards made up. I don’t care. It is summer and my fridge is now full of beer because I had spare grocery money and my wife let me play in the hooch aisle. Even picked up a Newcastle mini-keg-thingy for my next cookout because gimmick.

And, yes, I used a couple of my own blog posts and a comment by a Coloradan nerd as absolutely pathetic excuse to buy 42 bottles of beer and a mini-keg-thing-ohmygoditssocute :3

Do you really expect differently of me at this point?


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