Some midrange preferences while I’m on about it:

Gin – Beefeater or Bombay, whichever is on sale cheaper.

Scotch, blended – Johnnie Walker Black or Double Black.

Bourbon – Wild Turkey 101

Scotch, single-malt – Prices have been going up and new offerings have been popping up faster than I can afford. I need to dig around and find a new one. Used to be Glenfiddich 15 year solera before a $15 price hike locally. Still a solid drahm, though.

Brandy – Asbach Uralt, Chalfonte VSOP, any Remy/Courvoissier/Hennessey VSOP

Rye – Slim pickins in NH. Bulleit for what I can score.

Apple Brandy – See rye. Whatever decent calvados for now v0v

Wine, any variety – Is it under $20? I’ll try it at least once. On a spiffy occasion. But I reaaaaaaallllllly try to stay under $15 which serves my palate fine.

Beer, ale – Whatever microbrew in the price range if it fits my mood.

Beer, lager – I’ll usually stick with cheap fizzy yellow American adjunct lager, to be honest. But would be lying if I said a Sam Adams or better lager didn’t occasionally hit the spot.

Port – Sandeman is tasty.

Sherry – Dry Sack is fine.

Hey, I forgot hard cider! – Angry Orchard, Woodchuck, whatever, they are mostly decent once you look into regional real ciders. Or keep with homebrew.


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