New bell and pedals on commuter. As well as the plain bottle holder pulled from the CR1.

Spiffy bottle holder #2 on CR1 because the bottles are easier to get in without dropping on the pavement at speed :/

Trailer bike mostly assembled.

Now to wash the bearing grease and drivetrain grime off my hands and go pass out. And hopefully I can be done wrenching on bikes for a while after the cargo trailer comes in.

Still better than working on law mowers or weed-whackers…



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2 responses to “Grunt

  1. What cargo trailer are you getting? I have been considering one for my bike.

    • I got this one:

      And am not sure how much I would recommend it, yet. The plastic bushing inside the QD mount is junk and will probably need replacement tape wrap/rubber/whatever within the season. And the floor of the trailer lacks a cross beam for center support. Which saves weight fine and I can have my brother weld in a square stock joist if needed. My only real complaint in the lack of flag/light/reflector mounts. Reflective tape is your friend. And a flag could wire tie on just fine.

      Dumping my bike with the trailer loaded resulted in nothing. I’ll give it a brief review after I have used it for a bit and the laughter of the townsfolk fades. Probably July as I plan on putting a mini-float on it since the kids want to ride their bikes in the parade.

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