Bug Knives


Don’t tell my wife, but I picked up a purple flat ground Delica 4 to give her next month for her birthday. And, of course, spent the last of my fun money on a blue one for me. Now. Because bugger patience.

Also in need of posting: Case Sodbuster Jr, pink Spyderco Squeak once it* gets delivered, Opinel No. 4. Because blog needs moah Stabbity.

P.S. Slip joints are still the best pocket knives. Don’t let my current plastic mania imply otherwise.

* Welllll…a pile of pink Squeaks because they were on sale for third-price and wife/daughter/friend/I all needed one and I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM I CAN STOP ANY TIME. IT ISN’T MY FAULT SLIP JOINTS GET MY MOTOR HUMMIN’!


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